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Spacewalk Comics

Astrobiology #1: Behind the Scenes, 150 pages, digital

Astrobiology #1: Behind the Scenes, 150 pages, digital

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A scientist and a soldier explore alien worlds for new forms of life while struggling against a corrupt megacorporation that's intent on owning every undiscovered natural wonder.

150 page behind the scenes look at the creation of Astrobiology #1!

This includes: concept art and sketches, process pictures that show the development from rough pencils to inks to colored final illustration, handwritten notes revealing the early plotting of the story, the complete, full script for the comic, the full first issue of Astrobiology in black and white inks, a 22 page interview with Graham Lau who is a real astrobiologist and science communicator, variant cover creation process by Artyom Trakhanov, and pin ups by Kevin Castaniero, Jordan Kroeger, Grim Wilkins, Daniel Irizarri, Sloane Leong, Paul Harrison-Davies, Vlad Legostaev, Matt Lesniewksi, and Mark Laszlo.

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