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Astrobiology #1 digital

Astrobiology #1 digital

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A scientist and a soldier explore alien worlds for new forms of life while struggling against a corrupt megacorporation that's intent on owning every undiscovered natural wonder.

34 page comic book. Written by Seth Jacob, art by Tyrell Cannon, colors by Daniel Irizarri, letters by Aditya Bidikar

Digital version (PDF).

Dr. Leo Bell explores alien worlds for new forms of life, and brings home discoveries that transform our understanding of life itself. But exploring uncharted exoplanets is dangerous work, and Leo is forced to partner up with Major Zofia Flores, a soldier who doesn’t share his child-like wonder at the beauty of life in the cosmos. She only cares about survival...and staying out of the food chain.

They have to work together in the wilderness of untouched worlds while competing against Crown Galactic: a megacorporation that’s bent on owning every undiscovered natural wonder. If Leo and Zofia can get past their differences, they’ll find life flourishing out in the vast unknown that will revolutionize astrobiology. Or one small mistake could end their exploring forever.

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